Ian ain’t got nothin’ on our storm!

Thanks to everyone who made it out for our return to Phillips last night, despite the remnants of hurricane Ian pushing into the Baltimore area! It was one zany night! Our good friend Rick Currier stopped in and took some fantastic pictures! He sent over the first batch already today (at 7AM! Does this guy ever sleep?).

Of course, we’ve also got to thank our 8th soul, Sean, for filling in on guitar last night, and our 9th and 10th souls, Josh and Kenny, for their hard work making us sound so great! We couldn’t do these shows without them! And, finally, thanks to the staff at The New Phillips Inn for supporting us since the beginning, and for their continued support of local bands each and every weekend.

By the way, Kenny also shoots a lot of pictures and videos for us, and we’ll add them to our online collection, along with the rest of Rick’s shots as they come in.

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