7Souls New Lineup Debut at The Crazy Tuna!

Thanks to all the souls who braved the storms last night to come out and help us welcome our newest members, E and Josh, to the band. Everyone had a blast, despite a few hiccups (no matter how much rehearsal time there is, you never know exactly what’s going to happen until you hit the stage the first time). E comes to use from The Uncommitted, and she’ll be splitting time with them. Josh, who’s been doing a great job on our sound for the past few months, will also still be doing double duty playing guitar with Side Hustle. Kenny will be taking over the sound duties. He’s already doing sound for Side Hustle, and has been working with Josh on our sound for the past several shows.

Thanks also to the great staff at The Crazy Tuna. It’s been too long since we were there last, and we sure hope we can get back soon. And, thanks go to Donna for the great pictures! You all ROCK!

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