Music For Your Soul…

7Souls is a Baltimore based, 7-piece cover band that fuses Classic & Southern Rock, Blues & Country, with modern pop and rock. Since 2017, they’ve been rockin’ parties at various venues in the Baltimore area. The chemistry in 7Souls is unmistakable and the fun is infectious.

~ Lead Vocals Male (Position Available)

7 Souls has historically been a dual vocally fronted band. Having a male and female singer not only provide a great vocal range at which to build our catalog, it offers a great dynamic with energy, harmony and personality. We are currently looking for that 7th soul. Please contact us if you would like to schedule an audition.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

E ~ Lead Vocals

E also sings songs …

Originally from New York, but now living in and performing across Maryland, Elizabeth has led an impressive life on the stage. Having been a member of notable bands like Great Escape and the Uncommitted (as well as singing on occasion with other contemporaries such as Making Waves and the Klassix), Elizabeth’s career in performing is one that began at an early age and has since served her well. She sang in the church choir beginning at age twelve (and still sings with a gospel choir today), went on to compete and excel in competitions with her high school chorus, entered the Maryland music scene at age thirty-five, and is now a proud and prominent member of both the Uncommitted and 7 Souls.

Elizabeth’s favorite artists include Faith Hill, Reba McEntire, Adele, and Celine Dion, but much of her strength and inspiration is drawn from her family; particularly her grandmother, Elizabeth Meacham.

Going on her tenth year in the local live music scene, Elizabeth has no plans to slow down anytime soon. When you see her sing with 7Souls (or the Uncommitted, or in the choir, or even at karaoke), you are guaranteed to have a good time, and leave with one more new friend than you had when you walked in.

Kevin ~ Electric Guitar & Vocals

Kevin became fascinated with the guitar at the age of 7 when he saw Jimmy Page on tv. At age 8 he began playing trumpet. When he was 13 he got his first guitar and by High School he was joining local bands.

Throughout the years he has played just about every style of popular music and he prides himself on that diversity. One thing he did not aspire to was being a singer. But out of necessity he always stepped up to help fill that void in various bands and jam sessions. Never one to stop improving his skills Kevin took vocal lessons from Steve Whiteman (KIX). And during the pandemic he studied guitar/theory with Ben Sherman (Hectic Red, Technicolor Motorhome).
You can also catch Kevin with his other band Sneaky Buzz (jam band), where in addition to playing guitar he is also the lead singer.

Steve ~ Electric and Acoustic Guitars & Vocals

Steve’s the other half of 7Souls’ electric guitar powerhouse. He developed a love for music early in life, listening to the music his dad listened to, ranging from classical, to 50’s doo wop, to Man of La Mancha and Jesus Christ Super Star, Hank Williams — and anything on Dr. Demento’s Sunday night radio show.

He began playing instruments in elementary school, and began playing both guitar and bass while in High School. He settled in playing bass in bands and doing theater gigs almost his entire adult life.

Now a recovering Bass player — he’s been clean since 1999 — Steve moved on to focus on guitar and joined 7Souls in the fall of 2017 at the invitation of Geren.

Fred ~ Keyboards

Combine Hill-Billy musical roots of his North Carolina origin with the priceless inspirational musical coaching from Lonnie Mack’s “go to” piano man…and you have our piano pounder, Fred Kawa.

Long, hard winters of Western New York provided the time to work his Rock’n Blues style with many Buffalo premier bands including the The Stone Country Band and Innocent Bystander.  If asked about the many rock and country artists he’s shared the stage with he only offers that his most important show is “the next one”!

Dennis ~ Bass

Dennis started playing the bass at 14, mainly because his friends needed a bass player. They told him that chicks really dig bass players so he went along. After many years he discovered this to be blatantly not true, and has since vowed revenge. Those people are still running or have been placed in identity/relocation programs for their own protection.

But Dennis really enjoyed playing the bass so he stuck with it. Influenced by many genres, such as Motown and jazz (that his mother introduced him to), to hard rock, funk and blues, Dennis has developed a heavy funk-infused straight-forward groove that now brings all the ladies to their knees in smoldering ecstasy … his quest for revenge now satiated. But he didn’t get there alone….

Having played in quite a few bands running the gambit from hardcore punk to country, Dennis has quite a few influences he relies on. Iconic musicians such as James Jamerson to Cliff Burton and Abe Laboriel to Victor Wooten have brought Dennis much light on how he approaches the instrument.

This all came to fruition in 2017 when Dennis’ long time friend, John, asked him to join his new project. Dennis was like, “Let’s Do IT!” and the band that was to become 7Souls was born!

Dennis is also the proud leader of a clowder, loves photography and is an avid sports car enthusiast.

Bruce ~ Drums

Bruce has been playing drums since the age of six. His father was also a drummer, and passed along his passion, teaching Bruce to play.

Bruce likes all genres of music. Country, rock, blues, and R&B drive his passion to play, and Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Max Roach, Neal Peart, John Bonham, Sandy Nelson, and Stewart Copeland are but some of the influences that form the foundation of his style. Of course, he adds his own nuances to blend them all together.

Bruce has often said, “If people are out there having a good time by what we’re doing on stage it makes playing for them well worth it.”

Bruce has been in a variety of bands over the past twenty-five years. His approach to performing is simple … just have fun on stage and everything will take care of itself!

Past Members

Greg ~ Lead Vocals
Josh ~ Electric Guitar, Vocals
Geren ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Robert ~ Electric Guitar, Vocals
Lynette ~ Lead Vocals
John ~ Founder, Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Tony ~ Drums and Percussion
David ~ Electric Guitar & Vocals