This is the part where we talk about things like the colors of M&Ms that should, or should not, be provided, and other important information about our various requirements.

7Souls is a 7-piece band with a 2-person production crew, and requires a stage area approximately 20′ wide by 14′ deep plus space for PA speakers and lighting equipment and a location for our engineers to set up mixing and lighting consoles. Direct vehicle access to the stage is highly desirable, with parking for our truck, trailer, and performers’ vehicles. The band also requires off-stage storage for equipment cases and other equipment.

Some band members may wish to change clothes between setup and performance, and so a private area to do so is highly desirable.

Bottled drinking water is requested. Our keyboard player prefers M&Ms with peanuts, and drinks Dr. Pepper (from a fountain, not bottled or canned).

For all shows where 7Souls will be providing the sound and lighting, we will require 2 hours for load-in, setup, and sound check. A minimum of 2 two 15-Amp or one 20-Amp dedicated electrical circuits are required at the stage. Our crew and band members will usually begin arriving approximately 2 1/2 hours prior to the show, and will expect to begin loading in equipment no later than 2 hours prior to show time. While we will attempt to work as quickly as possible, accelerating these times increases the possibility of personal injury or equipment damage, and a possible delayed show start. After a show, we typically require 60-90 minutes to pack up and load out.

For shows where production is provided by the venue or event, we will coordinate with staff to ensure timely load-ins, setup, tear down, and load-out to ensure that your event schedule is not compromised.

Unless other arrangements have been made prior to the performance, payment is expected at time of performance. 7Souls accepts payment by cash (preferred) or check.

Our 2022/23 stage plot and audio I/O requirements are available below for viewing and download for your convenience.