7Souls uses a Soundcraft Ui24R digital mixing system for all shows where we provide sound, with a Behringer Powerplay P16-I providing digital audio feeds to our mains, subs, and wedge monitors. Mains, subs, and monitor wedges are Turbosound iQ-series powered speakers. Parallel stereo main outputs are also available for house feeds.

For shows where house sound will be provided, 7Souls requires a minimum of twenty (20) audio input channels, and sufficient outputs for seven (7) monitor mixes and stereo mains with subwoofers. Wired vocal microphones shall be TC Helicon MP-75, Sennheiser E935, Shure Beta 58, or approved equivalent (NO SM58s). Wireless microphones shall use Sennheiser 935 or Shure Beta 58 capsules, or approved equivalent. Wired instrument microphones shall be Electro-Voice Co4 or Shure SM57, or approved equivalent. Drum microphones will be provided by the band. Band members using in-ear monitors shall be provided with a means to adjust their in-ear mixes.